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How to clip in hair extensions

Updated: Jan 14

The tools you will need are your full set of clip in hair extensions

  • A paddle brush

  • Pintail comb

  • Sectioning cliP

  • A curler/ straightener

  • A mirror

1. Start off by brushing your own hair with a paddle brush to get rid of any tangles.

2. separate your hair with a pintail comb at the nape of your neck and then clip away the rest of your hair.

3. take a 3 clip weft and brush from the bottom and work your way up to make sure it's tangle-free. Measure the weft just to make sure it’s the correct size so it fits into the sectioned hair.

4. Backcomb the root area so your clip-ins have support for them to stay in place.

5. Clip in the middle clip first into the roots and then clip in the left- and right-hand side. This will be repeated for all the clip-in wefts, leaving an inch gap between your sections as you get just below your crown area.

6. As you come to the sides, these will be your smaller wefts or the individual ones to add volume and to make sure it blends through seamlessly.

7. separate your hair about two inches above the ear and then clip the

hair away. You then repeat the process by teasing the root area first and then clip in your extensions at the root area.

8. Repeat this on the other side until the front is blended. Just remember not to go too high as you want the clip-ins to be hidden!

And there you have it!! Show off your brand-new hair. You can style as you desire such as having loose waves or keeping it super sleek.


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